1. There are Temperature Differences in Your Home

Complete new air conditioning system must keep temperatures regulated in all rooms in your house. Therefore, if you feel hot when in your dining room and cold when in the living room, your cooling system is wanting.

2. You Have to Shout to Be Heard

Do you need to raise your voice for you to be heard while in your home? Of course not! If you find yourself having to shout when requesting that remote control, there could be problems with some components of your cooling system. Get a professional technician to assess the cooling system and find out whether it is fixable.

3. You Cooling System Is Old

Can you remember the year you installed your air conditioning system? If not, your unit has already reached the end of its usable life. Consider replacing it with a newer model with the Energy Rating Label. Usually, units that have been in use for more than ten years tend to consume more energy than new ones.

4. Everyday Is a Crisis Day

It’s not normal for a home cooling system to breakdown every now and then. With regular maintenance and tune-ups, a functional unit should go for years without requiring repairs. However, if you’re experiencing abnormal malfunctions and have to call a technician regularly for repairs, upgrade the unit. You’ll enjoy peace of mind and save money on HVAC maintenance and repairs.

5. You Have Excessive and Costly Repairs

When you’re always calling a technician for AC repairs, you end up spending a lot of money in the long run. The more you keep on repairing the unit, the more it continues to cost you money. The total cost of multiple repairs is worse than repairing an old unit. Save yourself from frequent and expensive repairs by investing in a new AC.

6. You Are Spending a Lot of Money on Cooling

Heating and cooling account for 20% to 50% of the energy used in Australia homes. However, if a unit isn’t efficient, the energy bills start to skyrocket without any changes in the home’s cooling demands. If these maintenance techniques don’t work, the system may be faulty. Replace it with a new one, and you’ll save a lot of money on cooling in the long run.

7. Your Cooling System Has Broken Parts

Having a home cooling system with broken parts is not safe for you and your family members. If you notice worn wires or defective components and parts, get a new unit as soon as possible to keep yourself safe.

Besides, a unit that goes off frequently may have faulty electrical components. Replace it before it becomes a source of electrical hazards in your home.

8. The Air Quality Is Not as Good as It Used to Be

When a cooling unit gets older, it starts to accumulate dust, allergens, and other air pollutants. Poor air quality can lead to a host of respiratory conditions and allergies. However, if changing filters and cleaning the AC doesn’t work, buy a new air conditioning system. You’ll enhance the air quality and protect your loved ones from respiratory diseases.

Replace your cooling system if you’ve noticed any of the signs we’ve shared here. Contact us for a free quote on AC replacement and installation.

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